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Change to FMLA admin at Verizon

Effective February 1st 2020, Sedgwick will be the adminstrator of FMLA and leaves of absences for Verizon.  Claims issued prior to this date will automatically be transferred to Sedgwick.  Sedgwick will send you a letter outlining any actions you might need to take.  Beginning February 1st the requirements for issuing a claim will remain the same, such as calling out via the absence administrator or your supervisor. The new FAX number for documents is (859)264-4384.  New forms will come directly from Sedgwick upon initiation of a claim and will be barcoded to provide for faster claim review.  Discard any prior FMLA forms.

There are several ways employees can access the form 

1) Opt into email by calling Sedgwick.  Associates may contact Sedgwick and request to opt into email as soon as the absence is loaded into the system. Absences should be viewable by Sedgwick within 30 minutes of the absence being sent from Verizon.  Absences will be transmitted to Sedgwick three times a day (9am, 2pm,& 7pm EST). Sedgwick indicates it could take up to 1 day for the form to be emailed

2) Opt into email via MySedgwick.  Note the absence will be visible on MySedgwick with approximately 30 mins from when it is reported by Verizon to Sedgwick.  Sedgwick indicates that it could take up to 1 day for a form request on MySedgwick(

3) Receive forms by mail.  Forms are mailed within 1 business day upon receipt of absence.

4) Forms are also visible and can be downloaded in MySedgwick once they have been mailed by the examiner.  Examiners will send the forms within 1 business day of receipt of the absence from Verizon.